Clinical decision support

SMI´s vertical search engine enables you to get an overview and fast answers to clinical questions across multiple information sources with just one search.

Along with access to local drug information from your own country, SMI also provides access to the world´s most trusted evidence-based drug information sources with unbiased and fast answers to clinical questions fully referenced to the primary literature.

SMI Services

Some of our great features

All-in-one solution

Easy and fast comparison of different medical information sources in one and same system.


Evidence-based information

Fast access to a complete range of topics, including pediatric, adult, and geriatric dosing and guidelines, I.V. compatibility, patient education, international drugs, infectious diseases, pregnancy and lactation.


Formulary service

One-click-access to your hospitals formulary with real- time updates on policies, alerts and guidelines.


Medication screening

Automatic check for drug-drug interactions, contraindications, drug-allergy and drug-disease reactions, precautions and dosage ranges at the point of care.


Integrated access

Save valuable time with Direct access to SMI clinical decision support from your EMR system or mobile device.


Overview and fast answers

Get an overview and fast answers to clinical questions at the point of care with just one search.



The offers keeps coming


For Healthcare Professionals only

Get the most current Drug Information

Save time when searching for information

Easy comparison of information sources

Get an overview and fast answers

Increase efficiency at the point of care

Reduce medication errors

Enhance patient safety

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For pharmaceutical advertisers only (Product pages are offered at a country-by-country basis)

Product pages are embedded in the portal

Customization of product pages via CMS

Includes adwords and sponsored links

Information is consolidated in one system

Information appears in the right context

Information is provided at the point of care

Information reach your target group 100%

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About SMI

SMI offers healthcare professionals free access to some of the world's most trusted evidence-based medical information sources, within a one-stop shop solution that operates across multiple platforms, and is easily integrated into the daily workflow.

To be able to do this, the sponsor model is an integral part of SMI. Pharmaceutical companies are offered the opportunity to provide their clinical infor¬mation to the SMI portal in a separate sponsored product page, that is available for each drug, with ad-words and sponsored links. A clear separation is made between clinical information from pharmaceutical companies and clinical information from unbiased sources.

The challenge for many pharmaceutical companies today is that physicians don't re-spond to advertising. They respond to clinical information at the right time. It comes down to relevance. Our platform offers pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to gain critical access to the healthcare professionals who have the final say when prescriptions are being made.

The SMI portal is designed as an aggregator platform and offers a consolidated pro-cess of getting clinical content into multiple EMR systems. Through this communica-tion channel, pharmaceutical companies can participate in providing clinical infor-mation at the right time and at the point of care for healthcare professionals and their patients.